The Place

Waldeck is a small town situated at an altitude of 250m on the river Eder in northern Hesse, Germany. The place was first mentioned in 1120 as Waldekke. Until 1665 it remained the residence of the Counts (later Princes) of Waldeck. After World War I the Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont was created in 1918. In 1922 Pyrmont became part of Prussia, and then after World War II, Waldeck became part of the new state of Hesse. Today, the castle is a very successful hotel business.

The People

In terms of the people, on the 20th of April, 1776, the Prince of Waldeck signed a Treaty with George III promising his highly experienced and elite soldiers to the army of England in her battle in America. In that arena and elsewhere, when called upon by new masters for many decades afterwards, the Waldeck troops built and retained an international reputation for skill, knowledge and endurance. The “Waldeckers”, as his regiments became known, fought for all they had in pursuit of their duties and accountability to their masters.


Such are the qualities above necessary for true success; professionalism, care, diligence, planning, commitment and results. These are the qualities we harbour at Waldeck to our clients and employees of today, with the same commitment as the Waldeckers of the last 250 years.