Implementing Digital Innovation in a Nuclear Environment

December 9, 2019 12:56 pm

Last week, our Director of Digital Mark Greatrix spoke at the ‘Implementing Digital Innovation in a Nuclear Environment’ conference in London.

The conference, which was hosted by the Nuclear Institute at the Institute of Physics, focused around all aspect of the digital revolution, including the challenges and opportunities it presents for the nuclear industry.

Mark presented a session on digital transformation and has shared his thoughts from the day:

“After some very engaging morning sessions which looked into ‘the art of the possible’ within the digital landscape, the afternoon sessions really drilled into the cultural aspects of digital innovation. The sessions discussed in depth what still needs to change, and how innovation can be fostered to support the digital evolution of the nuclear industry.

“Throughout the day there were poignant conversations around progress made to date, and where the nuclear industry now stands in comparison to other industries. The conclusions were very promising, and whilst there is work to be done, the industry is certainly well on its digital transformation journey with considerable momentum, having achieved many successes over the recent years.

“It’s very easy to reflect and feel down-hearted when looking at a roadmap of the work still to be done, however the nuclear industry must take great pride in the fact that everyone in the room last week, and many others within the wider industry have aligned mind-sets on the direction the industry needs to take, no longer happy to stand-still, but very much wanting to improve the industry overall. This cultural success is a huge step forward and will be fundamental to continued progression.

“The successes and progress shared throughout the day very much echoed these final conversations and very much brought a positive end to the day.”

To find out more about how the nuclear industry can implement digital innovation, please get in touch with Mark Greatrix by calling 08450 990285 or sending him an email here.

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