Air freight traffic volumes continue to increase and are forecast to triple over the next twenty years, as a result UK airports face capacity issues and subsequently will have to invest in runway, hangar and storage facility expansions to cope with the new volumes.

Our offering

Waldeck have worked on projects at a number of UK airports involved in logistics warehouses and aircraft hangars and have a wide understanding of the:

  • Demands of the industry
  • Existing and required facilities
  • Necessary technology
  • Escalating security pressures, carbon tax and fuel cost implications

Our people have an expert understanding of both the air-side environment and the constraints this may have on a scheme both throughout design and construction, Waldeck can therefore offer innovative designs that allow the movement of planes, site transport, passengers, staff, baggage and cargo safely, efficiently and cost effectively through our offering of:

  • Digital Twin Solutions
  • BIM based Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) Solutions
  • Multi-disciplinary Design
  • Principal Designer 
  • Master Planning
  • Industrial Architectural Design
  • Pavement and Drainage design

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