The increasing demand for large logistics hubs, growth in e-commerce trends and global shipping links to the UK has created a huge demand for road distribution companies. Direct convenient access to the UK’s Strategic Road Network is essential to the success of any multimodal logistics facility. Being part of the logistics pipeline adds pressure to the industry as well as the need of excellent road connections, warehouse facilities and links to other multimodal facilities at ports and inland ports such as rail freight terminals.

Demands for just-in-time deliveries, the shift to e-commerce and 24/7 retail requirements which we have all come to expect has resulted in larger distribution companies with central hubs strategically located throughout the UK. Despite more and more pressure to reduce road mileage and shift to sustainable alternatives, customer demands still ensure a huge dependency on the transport industry and result in a balanced multi-modal solution.

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Having worked with many of the largest logistics clients, both nationally and international, we are familiar with the demands of the business and the importance of continued operations during any construction project. Our experience of delivering large-scale highways infrastructure works extracting the maximum network capacity for the minimum financial outlay, covers the entire lifespan of a project; from Strategic Capacity Assessments, Feasibility Studies, Development Consent Orders, Highways England Roads Investment Strategy Plans (ISP’s), the Traditional Planning Process, Traffic Regulation Orders, Construction, Diversion Works, and Highways Adoption, all the way through to Long Term Maintenance and Asset Management Plans.

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