Our company sank its own foundations in the east of England where the company was formed. Natural ground conditions in the region are variable and nearly always challenging. Issues like soft ground, peat soils, high water tables, loose or even quick sands, highly shrinkable clays and tree root influences are common risks. We have designed deep foundation solutions and sub-structures that allow a property to effectively float on a crust. We always find a way!

We have always been a firm that will go anywhere for their clients and have worked from Aberdeen to Plymouth and so have gathered a tremendous experience and knowledge of the potential in different parts of the British Isles. Furthermore, the decline in available green field sites has resulted in developers utilising sites with a history of previous use.

From an engineering and environmental perspective many of these sites may be regarded as ‘difficult’ sites which may require special foundations, remediation treatment and ground improvement before the development can proceed. These present opportunities to contractors and developers if approached in the right way.

We can tell you more about a major distribution scheme that we undertook in Leeds recently that had a 12-metre fall across it, a 15-metre bank at the back of the site to be further extended around the site and major earthworks to balance the new site plateau levels for one large building, various highly contaminated areas from the two foundry buildings to be demolished, watercourse fronting the site with flow restrictions and under pollution monitoring by the EA, together with mine workings below the site, one of which was a tunnel large enough to be named and a large adit to the front of the site. So we are used to having plenty to think about!

The Waldeck team has many years experience working with developers to enable them to build on difficult sites and is able to help minimise delays and the project running over budget from such challenges and assisting in adding value to the site for the future.