Also known as clerks of works, Waldeck provides site inspection and supervision to monitor the work of companies that carry out contracts for clients.

Examples of such contracts include erecting buildings, constructing roads, installing pipelines and maintaining estates.

We understand the importance of ensuring that work is carried out to the client’s standards, specification and schedule which have been prepared by architects or engineers employed by the client making sure that the correct materials and workmanship are used and that the client is given quality work and value for money.

It is important to be vigilant with inspections on a large range of technical aspects.

This involves:

  • Becoming familiar with all the relevant drawings and written instructions, checking them, and using them as a reference when inspecting the work
  • Making visual inspections
  • Taking measurements and samples on site to make sure that the work and the materials meet the specifications and quality standards
  • Being familiar with legal requirements and checking that the work complies with them.
  • Having a working knowledge of health and safety legislation and bring any shortfalls observed to the attention of the person(s) concerned

Waldeck provides detailed records of various aspects of the work for the architect or planner and the client.

Records taken into consideration:

  • Progress and any delays
  • The number and type of workers employed
  • Weather conditions
  • Visitors to the site
  • Drawings received
  • Deliveries
  • Instructions
  • Details of any significant events including any serious deficiencies in health or safety performance observed while on site