Waldeck provide flood risk statements, flood risk assessments and sustainable urban drainage solutions as part of our wider mutli-discisplinary offering to clients. These services are particularly useful at the early feasibility and planning phases of a project and are required as part of Code for Sustainable Homes applications.

In order to support our clients capital investments, we provide advice and support to include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Soft and Hard Sustainable Urban Drainage Design
  • Pre-Acquisition Flood Risk Analysis
  • Outline And Full Planning Flood Risk Assessments
  • Flood Risk Reports
  • Code For Sustainable Homes Assessment
  • Flood and Water Management
  • Sequential Testing
  • Private Drainage Schemes
  • Sewers for Adoption
  • Green Field Run-Off

Across the Buildings & Development sector Waldeck often support public and private sector clients through tailored services such as:

  • Flood risk statements for building projects
  • Flood risk analysis for projects built within flood risk areas highlighting risks to the design team, contractors, clients and end-users
  • Advice on alternative foundation and drainage options
  • Support for documents that satisfy local planning authorities’ conditions in respect of mitigating flood risk compliant with PPS25/ NPPF and the BRE for compliance with the Sur 1 requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Reviewing existing hydro-logical and hydro-geological situation together with an environmental impact assessment, this can ensure optimum design achieving green field run-off flows and the re-charging of ground water while enhancing the environmental aspect
  • Interpretation and assessment of Environment Agency and Drainage Board flood information, including 3D ground and hydraulic modelling to see the effects of river embankments and watercourse breach, as well as assessments of the overland flood flow depth and velocities