Waldeck offer advice on issues relating to contaminated land, flood risk, transport planning and infrastructure planning. Our site investigations enable potential hazards to be identified and reported to our clients.

Waldeck deliver environmental due diligence and sector-specific reports which provide clients with the necessary technical information for their site before works commence. This ensures clients are aware of the values attributed to any potential land purchase as well as enabling them to maximise the value of their own sites.

Our experienced team can provide tailored reports whether for a single dwelling or a large scale development, which are produced in accordance with recognised guidelines, our scope of services include:

  • Site Investigation Services
  • Information Gathering from Maps and Published Documents
  • Site Investigation
  • Contamination Testing
  • Site Surveys and Ground Models
  • Asset Maps From Utility Company Records
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Traffic and Transport Studies
  • Planning Risks
  • Development Risks
  • Concise Reporting

These services ensure our clients are able to interrogate any potential land in advance of purchase, ensuring the development can be developed in a way that maximises their return on investment and capital gains.