Waldeck provides a unique service to the property investment and development industry. We give total confidence that the property or site that you propose to acquire is suitable and represents a sound investment.

Our team is drawn from a number of high-quality, established engineering and specialist firms who are experts in their field. Our services range from suitable site identification through to post-acquisition project management and delivery. We could even negotiate a better deal for you, ensuring you make an informed decision and buy with confidence.

We can give numerous examples of projects where we have saved and made our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds and mitigated risks of millions.

Our clients are investors and developers who need reassurance that the site or property they seek to acquire is suitable and that there are no hidden difficulties.

Typical examples of ‘hidden’ pre-acquisition issues include the following:

  • Transport and access issues
  • Contamination and previous usages
  • Utilities affecting the site
  • Beneficial and detrimental easements
  • Restrictive covenants affecting the land
  • Planning history, including discharge of pre-commencement conditions
  • Flood risk and other factors impacting on likelihood of new planning permission
  • Noise and vibration problems
  • Onerous ground conditions
  • Environmental impact
  • Sustainable and urban drainage solutions
  • Likelihood of planning permission and expected conditions

Discovering issues like these part way through a development can be very costly to rectify and can even halt a project completely, adding to the schedule and the bottom line. Waldeck provides a total pre-acquisition survey and pre-planning service which includes:

  • Site Identification and Negotiation
  • Site Assembly Analysis
  • Pre-acquisition checks
  • Outline Designs and Costings
  • Post-acquisition Design
  • Project Management

We provide a complete service, so that you can buy with complete confidence and avoid expensive mistakes.