The purpose of all site investigation is the identification of the geotechnical and geo-environmental or contaminative characteristics of the ground at a site to provide the basis for the design of efficient, economic and safe projects.

Early investigation allows the identification of any ground-related risks associated with a development so that they can be effectively managed and associated costs controlled. Used in this way, site investigation should be seen as an investment which has the capacity to optimise design and hence add considerable value to a project. As is often said, “You pay for a site investigation whether you have one undertaken or not” and certainly we at Waldeck believe in the tremendous value to the client that a proper investigation can generate. We can undertake this body of work for you from taking your brief, and assessing the level of work content that you need to gather sufficient for your proposal.

We undertake desk top studies of the site and previous historical uses, environmental audits, site investigations ranging from simple hand auger and trial pits to organising extensive borehole and sampling regimes for major or higher risk sites, services or buried features locating, the assessment of contaminated land and the design of remediation schemes, liaison with the relevant agencies and authorities pre-purchase or pre-planning, construction monitoring and validation, earthworks design, use of geotextiles and geo-membranes, assessment of mine-workings and their treatment, foundation, substructure and external works design and temporary works designs.

As part of the total picture, we also are able to undertake a topographical survey to generate a 3D ground model of the site surface and important site features where required. This 3D information coupled with the knowledge of what is going on below ground enables us to create very efficient cut and fill solutions with our ground modelling software and our experienced hands.

The ability of Waldeck to undertake the early investigation work means that we can manage risk for our clients at all stages of the development from purchase to delivery and final sale of the investment.