Design for Off-site Manufacture and Assembly


Having a wealth of experience derived from supporting modular construction and an array of manufacturers in this market, Waldeck have optimised internal processes and workflows to simplify our designs.

Our solution

Adopting digital technologies and toolsets has enabled us to change the mind-set of the more traditional and bespoke approach. These steps have allowed an approach which is mindful of easing both the manufacture and assembly processes, and stems from early design input of the product lifecycle, offering the following benefits:

  • Initial feasibility studies
  • Off-site manufacturing and pre-stressed concrete construction advice
  • Reduced design lead times
  • Improved quality, seeing a reduction in overall project waste
  • De-risking of delivery programme
  • Optimisation and standardisation of components, seeing a reduction in both the manufacture and erection phase durations
  • Use of our expertise as temporary works designers


The wider benefits of our approach enables our team of experts to deliver solutions which represent efficiency, cost effectiveness and support a reduced carbon footprint through:

  • Controlled factory conditions
  • Improved precision and quality
  • Optimised site transport and logistics
  • Safer and cleaner working conditions
  • Avoidance of poor workmanship
  • Greater speed and co-ordination of on-site programme
  • Fewer on-site weather delays


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