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Low Carbon & Enviromental Design Consultants

Legacy in the built environment and stewardship of the natural environment is at the core of our approach. Thankfully, legislation and the awareness of the importance of sustainability continues progress, and as a result, is imposing ever more exacting requirements for owners and developers to consider for their assets.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Waldeck understands the importance of co-ordinated, combined engineering solutions and our mechanical and electrical engineering services division provides design services with innovation and creative engineering to deliver simple effective solutions.

Civil & Structural Engineering

Waldeck covers all aspects of the feasibility, detailed design and implementation of major developments and infrastructure for the housing, retail, commercial and education sectors and has a diverse track record in both the private and public sector.

Total Project Solutions

We recognize that in these challenging times clients prefer to deal with a single point of responsibility to solve their problems and deliver their expectations.

BIM Services

Waldeck have learnt a great deal from their market leading Manufacturing Sector experience. "Lean Engineering" was a value process first attributed to the automotive industry, and BIM was derived from those great engineering and design processes too.

Investment Appraisal

From the critical moment when your project is in its formative stages research and evaluation form a vital part of the process. Whether you are thinking of leasing or purchasing land or property Waldeck can offer advice on issues relating to the investment from a technical perspective.

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Natural & Built Environment

Legacy in the built environment and stewardship of the natural environment is at the core of our approach at Waldeck. We have a duty consider built environment proposals & solutions in terms of their economic, social and environmental impact on the planet's finite resources.

Multi-Modal & E-commerce Logistics

Waldeck people have a vast experience across the road, rail, air and e-commerce logistics sectors having worked for many of the largest freight providers from Europe and Asia, on some of the largest and most complex facilities to be undertaken anywhere.


Waldeck has a strong track record throughout the UK and Ireland in advising international and SME clients on their capital programme and specific project investment.

Energy & Infrastructure

Our natural resources on the planet are becoming scarcer, low carbon economies and the impact climate change are setting agendas for today's investments for future generations.

Waldeck to work on Bethnal Green Memorial

Waldeck Engineering has been appointed to design and detail three pre-cast concrete plinths which will form part of a memorial commemorating those who died in the Bethnal Green disaster on 3rd March 1943.

The tragedy, which took place in the stairwell of Bethnal Green tube station in London, was the worst civilian disaster of World War II. 300 people were crushed into the stairwell within a few seconds, 173 of them died and over 90 were injured.

As part of the memorial plinth’s design process, Waldeck’s team of structural engineers is using the latest Tekla Structures Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to create detailed 3D models of the pre-cast concrete elements.

These models allow the Waldeck team to interrogate the design and eliminate any problems at an early stage, thereby reducing design and fabrication errors.

The 3D model also enables the manufacturer, Aggregate Industries, to produce a precise mould.

Waldeck Director John Holroyd said this is particularly useful when working on a project of this nature.

“The Bethnal Green Memorial is a challenging project because of the unusual shape of the design,” said John.

“The plinths have sloping planes and there are no straight angles, which is where the Tekla Structures software comes into its own.

“Using 3D finite element analysis and detailing software, our engineers can produce extremely economical specifications and accurate drawings and deal with irregular structural configurations more efficiently.”

One of the three polished concrete plinths designed by Arboreal Architecture acts as a support arm for a hollowed out laminated teak stairway; this echoes the entrance stairway to the tube station directly below and accurately depicts the volume of space in which people died.

Project Engineers The Morton Partnership have designed the foundations, connection to precast support arm and the timber stairway.

A series of bronze plaques will be mounted on the two lower plinths, which will rise out of the ground with defined spaces where people can lay flowers and wreaths.

Work on the first phase of the project, which includes the construction of the plinths, started on site on 23rd February 2012 and will take approximately three months to complete.

About Bethnal Green Memorial

  • Planning permission has been granted for a memorial in the form of a precast concrete support arm and teak stairway with 173 light cones in the roof, representing those who died, designed by local architects Arboreal Architecture.
  • The largest of the three plinths weighs 10 tonnes and measures 7.5 metres high and 1 metre wide.
  • The Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust was established in 2007 to create a memorial to those who died in the disaster.
  • The trust has raised £256,000 for the first phase of the project which includes the groundwork, landscaping, benches, plaques and the pre-cast concrete plinths.
  • The trust is currently in the process of raising the £150,000 in funds necessary for the completion of the project’s second stage. For more information or to make a donation online please visit www.stairwaytoheavenmemorial.org

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