Premier Inn – New Build Hotel


Waldeck were commissioned to support Premier Inn to build a new hotel in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, the unique 14-storey development would host 193 rooms.

Our Solution:

Waldeck delivered Design for Manufactured Assembly solutions for the client. This enabled the building to be constructed from pre-fabricated, pre-cast panels with blue brick external cladding, and included glazed fronted public areas. The site also hosts a ground floor restaurant and sloping section on the easterly corner running up the final few storeys of the building.

The basement and ground floor of the building were constructed using in-situ reinforced concrete, with a 600mm thick transfer deck between the precast section and in-situ concrete lower levels. The external panels are a brick faced sandwich construction and came with pre-fixed windows which were then lifted directly into position and held by tie cables and dowel bars before the joints were filled using a high-strength thixotropic grout. The pre-fabricated bedroom pods were then dropped into place, allowing the following-on trades to continue working.

The Results:

Due to the construction involving pre-fabricated brick faced sandwich panels with pre-installed windows that fitted onto precast concrete cross walls there was a considerable reduction in construction time which saved the clients an average of eight days per floor level.

Similarly, by using the latest’s connection details for the stairs it allowed them to be pre-made and installed to tight tolerances allowing removal of the site crane, and therefore reducing costs.