Waldeck’s Commercial and Risk Management services team are recognised as a specialist provider of project management, cost management, commercial management, building surveying, risk mitigation, strategic counsel and engineering services on complex projects.

How we can help

Our team includes leaders in their fields, who understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters with experience in giving expert opinion.

Clients employ Waldeck to ensure that every aspect of their programme or project is properly governed, well-executed and fully supported from the outset of the commercial process delivering on cost, time and to highest quality standards.

What we do

With experience in engineering, commercial contracting and professional industry practices, Waldeck’s experts are able to identify key issues
quickly and find the best solutions for clients by identifying and analysing potential risks that may occur throughout the construction process.

We have access to the RICS and BICS market data, software and digital technologies, assuring clients that we can be relied upon to be there throughout the construction process, helping to make informed decisions and keep the project moving forward positively and with certainty.