Waldeck have extensive experience providing professional design services and technical support to an extensive list of Ministry of Justice UK (MOJ) custodial projects.

How we can help

Waldeck possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience of prison projects. Our expert civil engineering services team have a detailed and extensive working knowledge of elements such as:

  • MOJ Technical Standards Specifications
  • Core Requirement Documents
  • MOJ KPI Documents

We know how MOJ projects are undertaken and how they are developed from the paper stage, through the IPP Stage, DDP stage, AMP stage, PCA and CA’s, Construction phase, right up to the MOJ’s very specific handover process.

Our team fully understand the roles and responsibilities of the client’s team and their Lot 1 designers and have detailed experience of the technical assessment process and the liaison and evidence that is required to be produced for their commenting process.

Our services

Our experience means we recognise the potential risks that can occur when undertaking schemes within a live operational environment. Our people possess project design experience for a large number of new build and refurbishment schemes on prison ancillary buildings such as:

  • Control Rooms
  • Education Blocks & Administration Buildings
  • First Night Centres
  • Gatehouses
  • Heating & Alarm Replacements
  • Perimeter Security Upgrades & Healthcare Facilities
  • Reception Units
  • Segregation Blocks
  • Sports & Gymnasium Facilities
  • Sub-Station & Generators
  • Visitors Centres & Visits Halls
  • Workshops