Waldeck deliver cold store design sustainable solutions that enable the good use of energy and refrigerant to positively impact our client’s operational costs.

How we can help

Having worked with a broad selection of multi-temperature 3PL’s, top food manufacturers , and port companies, Waldeck are recognised as one of the market specialists in cold store design, as well as the design of chill stores, temperature controlled food processing and warehousing.

We understand our clients businesses and the key elements in designing a facility, such as:

  • Space is money, and facilities must be able to adapt to a change in customer, goods or types of product handled
  • Good use of energy and refrigerant selection will impact the bottom line
  • Technology changes, which creates a need to respond to advancements in handling techniques and reflect operational constraints
  • Safety is paramount, as is ease of vehicle movement and parking
  • Hard-working buildings need good floors, joints and appropriate flatness
  • Everything must perform, as well as comply, with insurance requirements
  • Environmental risks must be managed, and design plays a crucial factor in achieving the desired results
  • Good bunkering facilities externally, quality yards and parking provision for the various vehicle types are key