Considering sustainable architecture and sustainable materials in architecture is crucial for minimising environmental impact and creating efficient, eco-friendly buildings. At Waldeck, we focus on sustainable architecture design to meet our clients’ needs while prioritising sustainability.

How we can help

Understanding our clients’ sustainability goals allows us to advise on sustainable design choices, including materials selection, low carbon engineering and alternative energy solutions. By aligning these decisions with project objectives, we ensure long-term sustainability within budget constraints.

During project development, we consider various aspects:

  • Sustainable materials and construction methods
  • Environmental impact and biodiversity preservation
  • Water efficiency
  • Low carbon solutions
  • Waste reduction and minimising services
  • Alternative energy solutions

Our services encompass:

  • Sustainable design and specifications
  • Sustainability assessments and reports
  • Integration of BREEAM standards
  • Dynamic simulation modelling
  • Daylight and sunlight analysis
  • Energy and carbon footprint evaluation

Why us?

As a RIBA chartered practice, we adhere to RIBA’s sustainable design principles, contributing to carbon emission reduction while delivering sustainable projects. With a proven track record in sustainable and low carbon energy projects across the UK, we offer expertise in various scales and budgets.

Collaborating with other disciplines within our practice ensures well-informed, sustainable designs that consider all project aspects. We work closely with contractors and suppliers to develop innovative and cost-effective sustainable solutions.

Build sustainably with Waldeck. Contact us for tailored eco-friendly solutions from our RIBA-chartered team.