We offer bespoke BIM services, support and training to our clients and their stakeholder teams in all fields of Building Information Modelling and Digital Construction.

What we do

For our clients, leveraging the benefits of BIM services on projects is a top priority. We provide our clients with advice upon applicable technologies and mandatory industry standards to leverage the benefits of BIM within their projects.

By combining our experience as market leaders in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital construction, we are in a unique position to provide BIM services, support and training to our client’s including establishment of strategic and project requirements, BIM implementation and deployment in accordance with Government and Industry requirements, and client and Stakeholder education in the field of BIM.

How we can help

We have invested heavily in people and technologies over the years, including our focus on in-house training, our BIM Academy and our ICE approved Graduate Training Programme, led by practicing professionals working full-time on construction projects within the business, are tasked with training existing staff, graduates and college leavers to become the next generation of BIM designers and technicians.

Due to the success of these schemes internally, Waldeck have extended such software training to our clients to suit their needs and requirements. Our trainers are able to provide our client’s employees with real-world advice, knowledge and solutions to problems that they may face during a project.

Our experts deliver training sessions and workshops to businesses across the construction industry and have teaching experience ranging from on-the-job mentoring through to university lecturing.


The benefits of engaging with our BIM Services team include:

  • Better informed client’s and stakeholder teams
  • Bespoke BIM support to suit client needs
  • Tailored training to suit specific organisational/project requirements
  • Knowledge and understanding of industry leading modelling and project delivery standards
  • A more efficient and higher standard design output than before
  • Ability to provide improved deliverables for clients
  • The skills to tender for Government funded projects (requiring UK BIM Framework)