Waldeck have extensive experience in both the defence and the nuclear industries, with a clear understanding of requirements for defence facilities within a nuclear context.

How we can help

The regulation of such sites is also different, for example, the Nuclear Installations Act (NIA) 1965 does not apply to military sites, and whilst the skills utilised to successfully deliver projects for the civil nuclear industry are of direct relevance, service providers must be aware of important differences between regulatory conditions and working on a facility with other stringent requirements imposed by various government agencies.

Our team

In order to support the delivery of projects on nuclear defe­nce and associated storage, research and manufacturing facilities, our  UK nuclear defence team understand the current key issues for the Defence Nuclear Programme (DNP):

  • Security and compliance
  • Licencing and site rules
  • Ageing plants, facilities and infrastructure
  • Safety management arrangements
  • Nuclear liabilities and decommissioning
  • Environmental protection performance

In order to address these key issues and possible future challenges, we are able to provide expert support to clients in the development of new-build infrastructure, new-build assets, decommissioning of existing facilities, and site remediation.

The provision of this is enhanced by our digital approach to engineering, which enables us to reduce risk, create certainty and add value through the ability to scan real data and input information into a secure digital environment, produce co-ordinated designs with high degrees of buildability, and identify then resolve potential clashes before they affect on-site operations. Then there is, subject to access rights of course, the potential full visibility of each component of the built asset in detail with associated data for its ongoing operation, maintenance and then ultimately, safe decommissioning.

To effectively support nuclear defence infrastructure,  we add value and create certainty for our clients through the delivery of bespoke services.