Our team excels in building services design, integrating services seamlessly into the building design framework. With a design methodology focused on sustainability, we ensure low carbon solutions throughout the project lifecycle.

How we can help

In a landscape where legislation and environmental concerns dictate, our experts assist owners and developers in navigating the complexities of building services design. Our proficient design engineers incorporate low carbon building design principles into every aspect of the project, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Why us

We collaborate with clients striving for climate positivity, delivering low carbon building design solutions aligned with their goals. By joining forces with visionary clients, we create sustainable buildings and infrastructure that meet stringent building services design standards.

Our range of services includes:

  • Climate Based Daylight Modelling
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)
  • Lighting Impact Statements (LIAs)
  • Thermal Modelling
  • Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs)
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDs)
  • Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA)
  • Transport Statements
  • Part ‘L’ Modelling
  • Lifecycle Costing
  • Waste Mitigation & Water Management
  • Zero Carbon Compliance
  • Renewable Studies

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Transform your building’s sustainability with Waldeck’s expert low carbon building services design. Seamlessly integrate services and ensure compliance for a greener future. Contact us today.