At the early design stages of a project, visualisations are extremely valuable in assisting clients and other project stakeholders with their understanding of a projects proposed outcome.

This engagement enables the client to make informed design decisions that are critical for the project to evolve, experiencing the proposed design in full before make any final commitments.

Our visualisation team utilise the latest technology to bring a project to life, creating a range of visual outputs, such as immersive walk-throughs and detailed CGI images.

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How we can help

Visualisations provide valuable aids for not only our clients, but also contractors and other consultants in fully understanding a projects brief, which in turn helps develop a robust design.

Visualisations are valuable in demonstrating how layouts and spaces flow and work effectively, helping with:

  • Stakeholder engagement in presentations
  • More accurate costings for contractors
  • Investor understanding
  • Consultations with the public

Although concepts can often evolve throughout the development of the design, our team are able to maintain updated visuals to give confidence through an informed and communicative project delivery.

Why us?

  • High quality visualisations from concept through to completion provide value at key milestones ensuring a successful project delivery.
  • Accessibility to the 3D model of a project through visualisations can reduce abortive work through informed decision making.
  • When it comes to Visualisation, our team have a proven track record of delivering successful schemes of varying scale and budgets across the UK.
  • Engaging with other disciplines in our multi-disciplined practice allows our Architecture team to deliver well-informed, designs that have taken into consideration all elements of the projects development.


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