Waldeck have the right blend of experience and expertise to deliver commercially focused, practical and future-proofed design solutions that add value and create certainty, delivering recycling infrastructure and resource management.

How we can help

The UK’s waste and resource management infrastructure is currently evolving at a fast pace.

This is reflecting a switch in emphasis from diverting material from landfill, to seeing waste as a resource to guarantee energy and material security.

This has not only seen an increase in the number of materials handling facilities in recent years, but also energy generation facilities such as anaerobic digestion plants and energy from waste facilities.

Whilst demand for such facilities is increasing, the process for securing planning approval for waste, resources and recycling infrastructure is seen as lengthy, costly and unpredictable, often presenting significant risks to developers of capital assets.

We know that effective resource management means maximising the retention and recovery of the value of materials as they circulate around the economy, with innovative technology vital to this process. 

Our team are able to provide the following benefits to clients:

  • Accurate cost and programme planning
  • Lean engineering design
  • Increased efficiency and decreased delivery time
  • Greater certainty
  • Project risk minimisation