As well as capturing and recording environments, Waldeck offer asset inspection services to provide a comprehensive overview of buildings and assets.

How we can help

Whilst cameras can provide imagery and video which can be used to create a variety of different data sets such as, 3D point clouds and Digital Terrain Models (DTM), the use of thermal imaging and infrared cameras can provide further insights on construction sites.

With the right combination and specification of drone and sensor(s), aerial data as well as terrestrial can be used throughout the project lifecycle, from cut/fill analysis at the start of a project, to as built validation at handover, and inspection during a structure’s operation.

What we do

Our team work with our clients to understand their particular project requirements, making sure we use the best technology to deliver their requirements through the use of:

  • Aerial surveys and inspection
  • Condition surveys
  • Construction surveillance
  • Spatial and volume measurements
  • Surface and volume analysis
  • Utilities mapping

The benefits

The benefits of Asset Inspections on a project include:

  • Aid avoidance of costly and time-consuming disputes
  • Confined spaces and hazardous environments can now be captured
  • Improved health and safety, minimising the need for specialist access equipment and working at height
  • Minimum disruption to live sites