Waldeck fully appreciate the high demands of the food industry, we are proud of our detailed knowledge of processing equipment and plant, and their integration into a food manufacturing facility design.

How we can help

We understand what is important to our food industry clients, including elements such as:

  • Producing safe, high quality products
  • Working in live environments in order to continue production with minimum disruption
  • Designing in areas to ensure high level of cleanliness can be achieved throughout the whole life cycle of the project
  • The creation of hi-tech product development areas
  • The design of fit-for-purpose, hygienic, safe circulation and easy to maintain factory finishes
  • Specialist trade effluent, waste treatment and management
  • Designing areas to suit the products and ingredients for manufacture

Our Services

Through the use of off-site construction techniques to reduce impact of site works, understanding the second tier supply chain and the delivering the principal contractor duties from design to demolition, our extensive track record in the food industry has also seen us:

  • Involved in programmes to extend and build new multi-temperature sites
  • Work on projects ranging from small re-modelling refurbishments through to major new-build facilities
  • Work with major players in the food industry with logistics, multi-temperature and production facilities throughout the UK and Europe
  • Develop a strong commitment to sustainability, recycling and energy conservation 
  • Interface process engineering with the building design solution
  • Provide a single-point design solution and act as Principal Designer