As defence, security and aerospace clients across the UK look to answer safety and security challenges, innovation and technology are key to enhancing and modernising the industry.

Our offering

Waldeck provide multi-disciplinary solutions to our clients through the digitisation, design and development of defence, security and aerospace facilities. Our established track record, particularly in the need dictated by central government to provide design solutions on BIM platforms going forward, is aligned with our experience in providing top quality digital strategy and engineering support to clients.

Waldeck is adept at delivering innovative and efficient solutions to complex tasks from initial site surveys to project delivery and decommissioning, including solutions for niche secure and nuclear facilities.

In order to operate in the most highly regulated environments, Waldeck ensures comprehensive safety, security and technical standards are met to support project delivery across programmes from:

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Secure Mental Health
  • Military
  • Civil Aviation
  • Regulated and High Security Establishments

Our solutions include professionals from all disciplines of digital strategy, digitisation, design, engineering and project management, delivering effective, bespoke and innovative project outcomes to help address a full range of security issues.

Waldeck’s experience also means that we recognise the potential risks that can occur when undertaking schemes within a live operational environment. 

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