Project overview

Our BIM team were appointed by Cavendish Nuclear to co-ordinate the design and improve fabrication detail for the construction of 32 steel structures at the £multi-million nuclear facility.

Our Solution

By producing 3D fabrication packages and providing 2D drawings with 3D views of the site, Waldeck overcame the challenges faced. Our team successfully coordinated the new model against Cavendish Nuclear’s existing models to facilitate coordination within a single federated digital model.

The capability of the BIM platform also ensured the Waldeck team could tag each asset element within the facility with important data that would not only enable a fully intelligent, integrated model but also ensure safety, reduce risk and enhance efficiencies throughout the entire asset lifecycle, including operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

The Results

This solution provided numerous benefits to the project, including:

  • A consistently efficient and timely approval process, with the client able to visualise areas and identify points of concern without searching through complex and flat 2D details
  • Effective coordination of design and delivery, with the team able to easily access the model, resolve clashes in advance and make immediate adjustments
  • Ability to address issues efficiently
  • No fabrication non-conformance’s
  • Quality, time and costs were all better than expected

Waldeck’s expert BIM services achieved the following results:

  • The provision of high quality models and drawings which removed errors, cut costs and reduced timescales by six weeks within the approval and installation stages
  • This also allowed fabricators to progress the project efficiently – our expert’s reviewed fabrication drawings to ensure Waldeck’s design corresponded with the overall design
  • Accuracy of designs allowed improvements to health and safety standards, which reduced installation issues and ensured a well-organised construction phase, with less time spent on-site assessing the project