BUILD BIM Firm of the Year

Waldeck have been awarded BIM Firm of the Year, in recognition of their fully integrated BIM based Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) across all facets of BIM deliverables and services, encompassing open BIM (Industry Foundation Classes), Uni-class, Constructions Operation Building information exchange (COBie) and Government Soft Landings (GSL) aligned with 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D solutions.

From the outset, Waldeck had the foresight to adopt and promote digitally engineered project solutions, even before it was referred to as BIM. The core of this concept is the development of an intelligent digital model to provide end-to-end improved project delivery, data efficiency and added value to the client.

Paul Waldeck, founder and director of Waldeck, said: “Digital is at the core of everything we do at Waldeck, which is showcased through our market-leading use of BIM and its best-practise standards, processes and protocols. The interfacing of BIM and traditional Product Lifecycle Management allows us to offer a 7D cradle to grave solution to clients called ‘Enterprise Lifecycle Management’, which adds value, creates efficiencies and reduces risk right from the very beginning of project conceptual and feasibility stages.”

As the mainstream of the construction industry continues the transition from traditional paper-based and CAD drawings to high-resolution digital modelling, and beyond, Waldeck are continually looking for better ways of doing things, transforming both the technologies we use and the cutting-edge blended software solutions we create for our clients to deliver the necessary results.

Through our continued investment in R&D, training and innovation, we have developed a game changing new site monitoring product and risk management solution for the construction industry called: Digital Surveillance to BIM. This efficient combination of proven digital technologies and new capabilities leveraged through flying UAV’s autonomously, laser scanning and photogrammetry has been developed in conjunction with our R&D partners, the University of Huddersfield.

We are continuing this collaboration into 2017, where we will be looking to further develop our research and capability on the subject of reality computing for construction, which leads us onto our investment in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

We first showcased our AR capability at last years’ Multimodal logistics show sharing with delegates wide tailed animations at the swipe of a smartphone, but this year we will be delving deeper into the virtual world, by allowing delegates to step inside a digital model, showing how we design, co-ordinate, interrogate and showcase our client’s federated digital models. Being ‘inside’ a digital model of their proposed asset means our clients can see things first hand, and we are able to make changes in real-time, taking our decision making and design revisions to the next level.

As we continue to be ahead of the curve, we are also rapidly progressing with a niche BIM to Field cloud-based service, combining mobile field technologies for on-site use with cloud-based collaboration and reporting. Embracing and blending the latest disruptive innovations and continually looking for leaner and more efficient ways, we see these digital advances as an enhancement to our way of working and provides important opportunities to drive forward innovation that are critical to the future of not just the company but the industry as a whole.

Paul added: “We are excited to be working on strategic and technical solutions on a series of industry firsts for several world class blue-chip clients in the markets of nuclear, energy from waste, logistics, industrial and manufacturing. We are also seeing interest in the potential for full 8D interactive enterprise business solutions with major projects customers in Oil & Gas and Airports too which further gives us confidence in our ability to grow an even more successful business in the years ahead. Fundamentally, the future is bright… the future is digital.”