Waldeck were commissioned by home furnishings giant, IKEA, to go big with green credentials at their new flagship store in Greenwich.

IKEA Greenwich was designed and built with sustainability at its core, reflecting IKEA’s people and planet positive ambition.

The project utilised the following list of technologies and environmental features in the design and construction:

  • Solar PV: A 850 kWp solar array supplements the store’s energy requirements and reduces the energy dependence from the grid
  • Water Efficiency: Two rainwater harvesting tanks alongside low water use fittings reduce the store’s water consumption by up to 50%
  • Evaporative Cooling Units: Evaporative cooling help reduce energy demand from the stores air conditioning system
  • Ground Source Heating: Ground source heat pumps provide the store with 88% of the annual heating and cooling demand
  • Biodiverse Green Roof: A green roof consisting of various substrate and habitat areas provides fantastic new and varied habitat for local wildlife
  • Sustainable Transport: Various public transport links, cyclist facilities and provision for EV vehicles give IKEA staff and store visitors sustainable transport options when travelling to the store
  • FSC Certified Timber: The store incorporated 100% FSC in the timber constituents of the build

Overall, IKEA Greenwich scored exceedingly well within all areas in BREEAM (90.4%),  with significantly good scores achieved in areas such as Low and Zero Carbon Technologies, Water Consumption and NOx Emissions.

Our Solution:

Waldeck provided digitally focussed Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) building services design consultancy for the new eco-leading flagship store.

Delivering best value for our clients, our team utilised our Building Information Modelling (BIM) expertise to deliver a future-proofed solution by ‘starting with the end in mind’ through a deep understanding of IKEA’s long-term operational requirements for their assets.


Targeting BREEAM ‘Outstanding’, the following achievements were successfully reached:

  • During construction of IKEA Greenwich, the construction scored 42/50 demonstrating ‘beyond
    compliance’ in the Considerate Contractors Scheme assessment of the site’s considerate construction attributes.
  • The biodiverse roof achieved compliance with the Green Roof Code, enhanced ecological features on site, and has featured as an exemplary case study in the new London Green Roof Report
  • The building achieved an innovation credit for the inclusion of evaporative cooling with rainwater harvesting from the roof