Rachel Shaw, Waldeck’s Principal Electrical & Lighting Engineer, will present the findings of her recent MSc dissertation research at the SLL & CIBSE South West Technical Seminar later this month.

Rachel’s research focuses on the impact of the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (ESFA) move to using climate based daylight modelling metrics in school design, answering the question:

“Are current daylight recommendations, based upon Climate Based Daylight Modelling, providing the users’ daylight needs for teaching and learning spaces in new schools?”


In 2013, the Education and Skills Funding Agency included a mandatory requirement for climate-based daylight modelling as part of the design of all their new schools, under their Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP). Until this was implemented, the industry standard method of daylight prediction was the average daylight factor method.

Now that the schools designed under the PSBP have been built and are occupied, it is the ideal time to review the daylight performance.

Past studies that have been carried out, mainly focus on the’ numbers’ to verify the daylight levels and measured in-use levels, whereas the focus of Rachel’s study looks at the users’ needs to determine how classrooms do or don’t make best use of light.

Rachel shared: “I am honoured to be invited by the Society of Light and Lighting to share this topic with the South West CIBSE members.

“I am really looking forward to sharing my dissertation findings and also my insights from numerous projects I have been involved with where daylight prediction is important, and where I have obtained an understanding of the users’ needs in order to advise the design teams in order to deliver light-optimised designs.”

This event will take place on 27th February in Bristol, to book your ticket click here.

If you would like to find out more about lighting design, please contact Rachel on 08450 990285.