BIM is a way of working; it is data capture, information modelling and information management in a collaborative environment and key to the implementation and adoption of BIM, is firstly, the establishment of the Employers Information Requirements (EIR).

The EIR is a document that sets out the information to be delivered, and the standards and processes which are to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery process.

It is vitally important for a BIM project that an EIR is in place from the outset, to ensure the appointed project team know and understand the levels of service which they are expected to provide. If a project team is working without EIRs in place they will not be able to formulate a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and accordingly will struggle to ensure that the right information is issued at the right time to support project based decision making. With an EIR in place, the suppliers will be able to produce BEPs, which in simple terms comprises of a plan prepared by the supplier explaining how the project BIM aspects shall be carried out.

These two initial fundamental steps of the BIM process are key to improving quality, adding value, minimising project duration and health and safety risk on a new project or development. Focusing the strategic alignment of workflows, processes and procedures with EIR at project inception, therefore ensures a seamless project workflow and presents optimal efficiencies during the design, construction and operational phases of the lifecycle.

From the outset, Waldeck proactively work with our clients, assisting them to identify and communicate all aspects of their information requirements, along with preferred delivery structure and any key constraints. Most importantly throughout the process we ensure that our clients remain informed of all aspects of the process through detailed engagement and support to maximise their understanding and ongoing success with their digital aspirations.

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