Waldeck has been announced as part of the project team for the Industry Foundation Classes – Harbour project at an International Summit in Paris.

Organised by buildingsSMART International, the summit took place from 26 – 29 March and part of the agenda focused on presenting the IFC team, the initial Work Plan and looked to recruit specialists to join the projects Expert Panel.

Appointed onto the project last year, Waldeck will continue to work in collaboration with Cardiff University and China Communications Construction Company to develop the standards for harbour, ports and waterway infrastructure.

As expert panel members, Waldeck will be reviewing, commenting, discussing and advising the rest of the team on the development of the IFC standards and final deliverables, in accordance with the buildingSMART International Standards Process.

Mark Greatrix, Associate Director and Lead BIM Consultant, said: “We have established a suitable team of experts, who will be involved in the testing and development of IFC over the two year project.”

This project will respond to the demand to extend the family of digital requirement exchange models to support maritime facilities and infrastructure which form a substantial part of the global economy.

Mark added: “Being involved with the development of open IFC for ports and harbour data structure, we are further demonstrating Waldeck’s commitment to open BIM, collaboration and our drive for industry-wide improvement through research and development.

“Working on open BIM standards, not only supports our digital aspirations, but also facilitates collaborative improvements across the industry and benefits our many clients across this sector.”