Improbable, a UK start-up that builds complex tech underpinning virtual reality worlds, has just raised a huge funding round in the real world.

Last week Improbable announced it had closed a £390million Series B financing round led by Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate.

Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead launched Improbable in 2012, as a platform allowing companies to run complex simulations quickly and economically. The potential market is both diverse and significant.

Herman Narula shared in a recent article with Forbes: “Improbable is the logical next step of what we can do with machine learning and data analysis. Today it’s possible to look at patterns in the past, but if you want to ask about the future, whether it’s an economic policy, or building a road, or making any intervention into a system, you need to recreate systems in their entirety. We go from analysing data to recreating behaviour. Our simulation helps you understand how systems operate.”

Waldeck’s Digital Twin Solution for heavy infrastructure and the construction of assets, is very much aligned to meet Improbable’s aspirations, but better still by setting up the smart data right from the strategic outset, into design and building of the physical assets, Waldeck have also developed retrospective data capture and analysis solutions too.

Recently, UK based Waldeck have further expanded their in-house R&D team to support the firm in developing its machine learning capabilities. Craig Norman, Waldeck’s new Virtual Reality Software Developer who will be responsible for the ground-up design of Waldeck software solutions to ensure we meet client’s exact requirements, rather than accepting out of the box solutions along with their many constraints and limitations.


Craig shared “As someone who has also worked in the Gaming Industry, I agree with Herman Narula’s vision; where games are heading to is going to be significant for society and on a massive scale, with participatory worlds where people are having new experiences. Technology and the independent development of software and solutions is moving at pace, and we are soon to see a seismic shift in how we interact with one other, how we experience the world, how we do business and how we learn.”

“It is a very exciting time to be joining Waldeck and like Improbable with their funders, to see the recognition Waldeck have gained from the UK government who are funding some of their R&D activities in these emerging, positively disruptive technologies and ways of working underlines how important these subject matters are to the future. I don’t see anyone else in the sector doing anything like what they have been doing already but importantly for me, it’s more about what they are aiming to do next with their smart digital twin and machine learning work which presents limitless opportunities for someone like myself.”

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