Also, a huge well done to some of the Waldeck team who were nominated in the ‘Best Collaborative Team’ and ‘Workforce Awards’ categories for the prestigious awards:

  • ‘Workforce Award’

Rozana Zyka (JDO HCA Review and Acceptance Engineer) was nominated for the individual ‘Workforce Award’ for outstanding individual contribution.

  • ‘Best Collaborative Team’

Shaun Karolinski, (JDO C2 Review and Acceptance Engineer), Mohamed Addan (JDO Galleries Review and Acceptance Engineer), Osas Usiobaifo (JDO Sitewide Review and Acceptance Engineer), Juan Rodrigues (JDO HK Engineer), and Vitalijus Kovas, Muhammad Bacha, John Iroh and Leopoldo Iglesias (HL Review and Acceptance Engineers) were all part of teams nominated for the ‘Best Collaborative Team’ awards,

This year, Waldeck was also nominated in the ‘Best Collaborative Team’ Award for our contribution to the Joint Design Office (JDO).

The JDO team manages modifications to the design on site, taking into consideration the Nuclear Safety, Environmental, and Technical Impacts across all of the buildings at HPC. Waldeck have 35 engineers working in the JDO, providing support to NNB as the intelligent customer.

Waldeck Consulting at HPC Engineering Awards

We caught up with some of the team to find out more about their involvement in the project.

Shaun Karolinski, C2 Review and Acceptance Lead, explains more:

“The C2 area consists of the Electrical Building, as well as the Transformer Platform where the electricity generated at the power station is connected to the national grid to be distributed across the South West.

“2022 provided several challenges and milestones in the C2 area, the milestones included the installation of the transformer, as well as a key project milestone; the handing over the Unit 1 Electrical Building top floor to the Mechanical & Electrical Team, which represents the completion of the civil works.

“I am proud of the C2 team for being nominated, and feel the team deserves it for all of their hard work over the last year despite all the challenges or setbacks. The team has worked really well together, and I hope that we continue to show our strength throughout the year 2023.”

Rozana Zyka, Review and Acceptance Team in Heat Sink Area, explains more:

“The Heat Sink draws cooling water from the sea through inlet tunnels to flow naturally on the station and returns to the sea through the outfall building (HCA) and the discharge tunnel.

“As part of Review and Acceptance Team, I have a key role in the process, making sure that any design changes do not affect Nuclear Safety.

“I work closely with all of the necessary stakeholders to assure that all impacted disciplines have been correctly addressed for each design change.

“Last year it was really challenging including (but not only) the handover between contractors in the Outfall Building (HCA) which I was involved in and nominated in the ‘Workforce Awards’ category for.

Engineer at Awards

“There is a high pressure to deliver quality, on time, without compromising safety – but all the good things happen under pressure! Grapes must be crushed to make wine and diamonds form under pressure.

“Although I wasn’t a finalist this year, it is with great appreciation that through my nomination my efforts and passion have been recognised as a contributing factor to the delivery of safety and success for the build of HPC and once finished, our diamond HPC will shine for decades.”

The HPC Excellence Awards happen every year and have been running for 7 years.

Judging took place over the course of September and October 2022 where nominees were collated and the shortlist decided.

Three finalists were then taken forward to the Final which culminated in an awards ceremony last week (16th February) at Taunton County Cricket Club, Somerset. The judging panel was made up of EDF Energy Nuclear New Build (NNB) Directors and Leaders.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners!