Waldeck has been appointed as lead designers on the construction of a new three-storey office building and storage building at Network Rail’s existing Maintenance Delivery Unit (MDU) in Doncaster. 

Doncaster Delivery Unit

Appointed by Buckingham Group Contracting Limited, Waldeck is due to start the GRIP 5 (Government for Railway Investment Projects) design work for the project, which forms part of the sites improvement programme.

Scott Harrison, Project Lead based at our Newark office, said: “The new buildings are part of a consolidation project to join a number of dilapidated buildings into two sustainable and very well-designed buildings.”

As Lead Designers, Waldeck will provide the following design services:

Scott continued: “As part of the initial investigation works, Waldeck will also procure a number of key surveys and services across the site, including; topographic survey, sub scan survey, structural surveys and also historic building surveys.”

The project will involve a complex phasing and demolition strategy to avoid operational disruption to the main site.

“We will be collaborating closely with our client, Buckingham Group Contracting Limited and others across the supply chain, to see the project through to completion in winter 2019.”