Waldeck and HKA have entered into an agreement with the UK’s Environment Agency (EA) to provide strategic Building Information Modelling (BIM) assurance across its wide-ranging national Water and Environment Management (WEM) Framework. 

The Environment Agency is collaborating with its WEM Framework suppliers to help drive the adoption and embedment of BIM across its very broad portfolio.  Through these current initiatives, the Environment Agency will help its supply chain increase the level and consistency of BIM maturity aiming to become a leading industry client in this field.

Waldeck and HKA will work closely with the WEM suppliers to initially benchmark current capability and then assist in the development of tailored route maps to lead each supplier to a higher level of maturity and in doing so bring the portfolio level benefits the Environment Agency is seeking to achieve.

Alan Proctor, on behalf of the Environment Agency, said; “The Environment Agency’s principal aims are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development.  Suppliers play an integral role in supporting the Environment Agency’s aims. In many areas, the Environment Agency is leading the way on environmental and technical developments, and assurance is a key part of ensuring the Environment Agency continues to deliver best value.”

Mark Greatrix, Associate Director at Waldeck, said; “We are delighted to work with HKA and the Environment Agency on this pathfinder commission, utilising our specialist technical skills and experience in helping to assess the supply chain’s current technical BIM maturity and look at what is possible for the next evolution of the WEM framework”.

Dr. David-John Gibbs, HKA’s Commission Lead and Head of BIM said, “This will be the most comprehensive Government led BIM review of the UK supply chain undertaken to date. We are looking forward to working closely with the Environment Agency to help realise the long-term value that a well-structured BIM strategy can bring.”

Over the next 10 years, the Environment Agency will invest more than £2.5 billion to reduce risks from river and coastal flooding and to secure social and environmental improvements.  The Environment Agency’s professional relationships with its suppliers will be crucial to helping deliver this risk reduction agenda.