The programme, which is powered by our parent company, the Morson Group, is a mentoring initiative to cater for female students in their last year of study in engineering subjects within the School of Science, Engineering and Environment (SSEE) at the University of Salford.

The mentoring programme is running from February 2023 to May 2023 and aims to connect the University’s final year female students with industry professionals during mentoring sessions, to:

  • Gain greater insights of the industries of their chosen subjects
  • Obtain greater knowledge about their career prospects and have focus on the future
  • Acquire broader skills for personal and/or career development
  • Build understanding for communication and a range of interpersonal skills
  • Discover good practices how to prepare for future interviews

This year’s mentors from Waldeck are:

  • Becky Hicks, Group HR Advisor
  • Hannah Cook, Head of Marketing & Communications
Engineering Mentors Becky Hicks and Hannah Cook from Waldeck Consulting

The pair are joined by their colleagues from across the wider Morson Group:

  • Maria Williamson, Head of Engineering Delivery at Morson Projects
  • Jordan Knapp, Lead Aerospace Design Engineer at Morson Projects
  • Nicola Hunt, Technical Co-ordinator at Morson Projects

Dr. Maria Stukoff, who is Maker Space Director within the School of Science, Engineering and Environment at the University of Salford, shared:

“The aims of ‘Go Beyond’ are to help our students to focus on the future, gain broader skills for personal and career development. It is expected that the mentor’s knowledge and influence will assist the student in setting career objectives and helping them gain insight into how to step confidently into the industry. The focus is on developing the mentee professionally and to help them feel more confidence and equipped to Go Beyond the University to get a job in industry.

“Last year we welcomed a phenomenal number of industry mentors who supported the programme and dedicated their time and expertise to encourage and upskill more women into engineering roles. One example of which, was student Chloe Hughes, who was offered a full time position at Morson Projects following her mentoring from Lead Design Engineer, Maria Williamson.

“It’s a real testimony to our partnership with the Morson Group, and our collaborative investment to developing our talent pipeline and creating employment routes for the next generation of women in engineering, to have their support on the programme for another year.”