Navnby Primary School is in the neighbouring village to Waldeck’s Head Office in Wellingore.

The team updated some well-used spaces to enhance the school’s overall environment and create a more enjoyable learning space for the local students. 

Martin Goodwin, Project Planner at Waldeck, organised the day for his team. He shared: 

“We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and it passed without any hitches.  

“The support and cooperation from Navenby Primary School were outstanding. The school warmly welcomed the Waldeck team and actively engaged in the planning and execution of the day’s activities. The positive attitude and collaboration between the two parties ensured a smooth and productive day. 

“The team worked tirelessly and completed all the planned tasks. We even had the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved lunch and socialise afterward, which was a welcomed treat after a busy day.” 

Tim Leach, Director of Waldeck’s Civil & Structural Engineering team added:  

“The support day was a resounding success, with 15 dedicated employees from both Peterborough and Wellingore coming together to lend a hand.  

“The team rolled up their sleeves and tackled a variety of tasks, both inside and outside the school. From painting the playground fence to refurbishing the outside classroom, repairing storeroom doors, and refreshing the walls in various areas, the team accomplished an impressive list of achievements. Their tasks also extended to cleaning skirting boards, wooden railings, and carrying out general maintenance tasks. It was a truly impactful day of support.” 

The positive impact of Waldeck’s support day extends beyond the immediate transformation of the school’s premises. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to social value and community engagement.  

The success of this support day was made possible by the coordination and collaboration of the Waldeck team, as well as the support of the school and its staff. The positive outcomes achieved will undoubtedly be appreciated by the students, teachers and the wider community. 

Headmaster of the school, Craig shared his thanks: 

“Wow! Thank you for all of the work your team have managed to get done in one day.  I have been round and seen some of the improvements you have made which all look fantastic. To rally 15 people is fantastic and they have all helped to improve our environment for the children. It is much appreciated.” 

Waldeck’s commitment to social value extends beyond engineering projects. Our dedication to making a difference in the community sets a commendable example for other organisations. By actively engaging in initiatives like this Community Support Day, Waldeck demonstrates that corporate responsibility goes hand in hand with professional excellence. 

Waldeck are proud to have been a part of the transformation of Navenby Primary School and look forward to continuing our support of the school and other community initiatives in the future. 

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