Drone technology is enhancing every stage of the construction process from tasks, such as; bid submissions, stakeholder engagement and surveying, to site surveillance and maintenance.

The implementation of drone technology enables Waldeck to deliver benefits, like never before, to Contractors delivering large-scale construction projects throughout the UK.


Health & Safety

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved
  • Need for working at height is eliminated
  • Our drones include fail-safe systems
  • We use flight stabilisation technology management systems


  • Large areas covered in a fraction of the time
  • Quick turnaround of data captured and processed
  • Reduced time on site minimising operation downtime


  • Shareable digital data
  • Data which is instantly available in 3D
  • Project risks are reduced


Get a Head Start

Capturing data through drones enables a contextual review of the site and its environment, as well as facilitating earthworks and volume based analysis, and terrain topography. Once the project moves forward into detailed design, this survey data can inform the basis of the 3D project models.

Stakeholder Engagement

Visualisations enhance stakeholder engagement and enable a true understanding of a site before work commences. Waldeck’s use of drones enables our team to create visualisations and montages which are becoming continually important for the bid and tender process..

Data Capture to Model

Waldeck’s drones gather data which is far richer and much more detailed than traditional methods. We utilise our in-house expertise to enable the quick translation of the data captured into detailed 3D models for use on anything from; analysis of existing structures to project monitoring and verification.

Estimate and Measure

Waldeck’s drones capture high quality images which are then processed and interrogated to measure distances, heights and volumes from a site. As well as measuring the area of a site, we can provide an accurate estimate of materials required, managing costs from the outset.

Progressive Surveillance

Waldeck’s team use drones to progressively capture live sites and construction activities, which mitigates project risks by enabling a direct comparison between the design model and current programme at key milestones, ensuring projects are delivered on time. We are also able to create impressive completed project profile captures.

Facilities Management

Waldeck’s remote drones provide our clients with a cost-effective, high quality alternative to traditional surveys. They are equipped with high definition cameras which can capture picture perfect images of existing sites allowing us to prepare bespoke reporting maintenance schedules.


The application of drone technology on projects and programmes enables Waldeck to enhance all aspects of the design and build process.

To find out more about our drone offering, please see our Digital Surveying offering here , download the flyer below or speak to one of the team on 08450 990285.