For our clients, leveraging the benefits of BIM on projects is a top priority. We offer bespoke BIM Support Services and Training to our clients and their stakeholder teams in all fields of Building Information Modelling and Digital Strategy, providing our clients with advice upon applicable technologies and mandatory industry standards to leverage the benefits of BIM within their projects.

Furthermore, we provide continued support and training where necessary to our clients and associated stakeholder teams in the implementation and deployment of such technologies and procedures into their projects and business enterprises.

Our Approach

We have invested heavily in people and technologies during recent years, including our focus on in-house training, our BIM Academy and our ICE approved Graduate Training Programme, tasked with training existing staff, graduates and college leavers to become the next generation of BIM designers and technicians.

Involved heavily in Waldeck’s research, development and training are our BIM experts, having graduated as part of the UK’s first cohort of MSc BIM Management students they work alongside their global cohort of experts to continuously feed in best practice from major projects around the world.

By combining our experience as market leaders in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital strategy solutions, we are in a unique position to provide BIM support services and training to our client’s including; establishment of strategic and project requirements, BIM implementation and deployment in accordance with Government and Industry requirements, and client and Stakeholder education in the field of BIM.


The benefits of engaging with our BIM support services and training include:

  • Better informed client’s and stakeholder teams
  • Bespoke BIM support to suit client needs
  • Tailored training to suit specific organisational/project requirements

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