As Waldeck continues to evolve its digital and technologies capability, we are delighted to announce the growth of our technologies offering, which now combines three clear pillars:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
  • Asset Management

Digital tools are transforming design, engineering and construction. Combining new construction techniques and digital design capabilities with our multi-disciplinary AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) services, we are able to find better, more efficient ways to provide solutions for clients which meet the most pressing challenges faced by the UK construction industry today.

Strategic Consulting

Advancing digital technologies have delivered the largest single step change the construction industry has encountered. Waldeck work to turn clients’ visions into reality, helping their organisations develop robust processes and workflows to improve performance, whilst generating value and delivering efficiency.

Our Strategic Consulting team work with our clients to understand their organisational and project information requirements, ensuring we are able to assess, validate and deliver against those requirements.

Waldeck’s services within this discipline include:

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Our VDC team align a projects digital information model with the design, project processes and stakeholder’s requirements in order to produce quantifiable results throughout the whole lifecycle of an asset, from construction to operation and maintenance, leveraging benefits such as:

  • Reduced costs, variations, delays and disputes
  • Enhanced model based communication and collaboration techniques
  • Transparency of design options and management of change
  • Improved operational asset and facilities management

Waldeck’s services within this discipline include:

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team works with businesses to enable them to retain a planned and preventative view of their assets and their maintenance requirements.

Focusing on much more than just BIM meta data handover, our Asset Management solutions enable the aggregation of multiple data sources in a simple an intuitive interface which supports intelligent decision making for owner operators. Coupled with the ability to integrate IIOT and telemetry data, our solutions are also accessible via mobile technology allowing true real time Asset health data to be viewed and monitored, ensuring clients are able to proactively control their assets at all times.

Waldeck’s services within this discipline include:


Waldeck is a progressive and proactive engineering and technology company that recognise the positively disruptive influence digital tools and workflows are having on asset owners, asset developers, traditional construction and property businesses.

Our project teams work collaboratively with our Research and Development (R&D) department, partnered Academic Institutions, numerous leading clients in their respective sectors and technology partners to create and deliver bespoke solutions to suit what is asked of us in delivering practical but smart solutions that create efficiency, value and certainty of outcome.