There is no illusion that the digital age we are in today has happened over night. This evolution has been progressing for some two hundred years, and is often pin-pointed back to innovator, George Boole.

Lincolnshire-born mathematician, George Boole’s work on logic laid the many foundations of the digital revolution we are experiencing today.

His research has been vital in new technologies over the years, including the development of ‘Boolean Algebra’ (or ‘Boolean Logic’).

This theory, set out that all mathematical variables could only boil down to two variables; ‘true’ or ‘false’, or ‘on’ or ‘off’, a theory which has led the construction industry into the digital age we are now immersed within.

As an example, George’s theory was first used by American, Claude Shannon, who applied this logic to build electrical circuits in the 1930s, a system which is now embedded today across cutting-edge technologies such as smart phones, and smart buildings.

George, who was also an early thinker on the theory of artificial intelligence (AI), believed that all human thought could be reduced to a series of mathematical rules, and supporting machinery as a way to replace human labour.

In todays’ world, we see this concept come to surface through Smart Enterprises’, as we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bolster customer experience, improve security and optimise operations, an offering which Waldeck provides as part of our market-leading expertise.

Inspired by innovative and research driven George Boole, Lincolnshire-born consultancy, Waldeck Consulting, are leading the digital era into the future, through developments in the use of technology, such as drone reality capture, virtual reality, terrestrial scanning and mobile tech, to name a few.

Paul Waldeck, Founder and CEO at Waldeck, said: “George Boole is a magnificent innovator, whose work we are inspired by, as we continue to research and develop our technologies and digital solutions in order to maximise efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance the management of assets for our clients.

“Digital is the future, and underpins the existence of todays’ construction industry. The developments in technology which happened hundreds of years ago, are the reason for where we are today, and with the team at Waldeck, we are able to keep this evolution alive, through our forward-thinking research and development.”