At the age of fourteen, Aaron discovered his love for table tennis during a family holiday, where his brother and cousin introduced him to the sport. Over the past eight years, his passion for table tennis has continued to grow.

He expresses that he enjoys playing not only for the sport itself but also for the opportunity to meet new people. Often competing against participants aged 20 to 30 from across the UK.  

With the generous sponsorship from Waldeck, Aaron will receive support for tournament entry tickets, branded tops, as well as essential equipment such as rubbers, balls and blades, ensuring he is equipped and motivated throughout the season ahead.

Aaron shared of the sponsorship:

“A massive thank you to Waldeck for sponsoring me for the 2024 TT season. It’s a great opportunity to spread knowledge of the company and increase the popularity of table tennis. I hope to bring back some trophies to share! I look forward to seeing everyone having a game or two at our next social event.

“I also love table tennis because it offers significant physical benefits, such as muscle engagement, joint pressure, and aerobic endurance development, further enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive and rewarding activity for overall well-being. If anyone is interested to find out more, Dr Daniel Amen is one of my favourite physicians who talks about the topic more in detail.”

Aarons plans for the remainder of the season involve consistent training sessions scheduled throughout the year, with the next tournament in sight at the beginning of April. Tournaments will occur twice a month all over the country, with three training sessions per week, at Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District Table Tennis Association.

Good luck for the rest of the season Aaron from all the team at Waldeck.

We are proud to be able to give back to our wider community through a range of schemes and endeavours.

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