Smart Assets and IIoT


The smart asset contains an integrated collection of sensors and actuators connected by software.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), facilitates data to be communicated back to host systems for analysis and performance monitoring.

What is a smart asset?

Smart assets use real-time input from sensors, industrial controls, smart meters, tools, equipment and fixed assets, which can be brought together to allow records and reports to be easily accessed from any location with remote devices.

For our clients, having actionable information is what makes the difference between planned and unplanned downtime, and corresponding costs.

Our Solution

Smart assets and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) create the necessary ability to both gather and use real-time data. Smart asset management is about ensuring our clients have the right systems and processes in place to limit downtime and keep production equipment running smoothly in a way that’s also cost-effective.


Early adopters of smart asset management systems are already seeing benefits in relation to enhanced informed and predictive maintenance benefits.

The key to unlocking the true value of smart assets is the ability to understand and use complex data. By being able to remotely understand asset condition and diagnose faulty equipment maintenance managers can take a proactive approach to repairs enabling them to retain a predictive overview of their assets rather than a reactive state where they are on aware of an issue upon asset failure which almost certainly will involve downtown and lost revenue.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Enables production equipment to continuously run smoothly in a way that is also cost-effective
  • Asset movement between divisions, operations or even countries can be accurately tracked to prevent loss or costly downtime
  • Maintenance history can exist for each asset and component
  • Preventive maintenance schedules are possible based on operational timing and equipment status change
  • Effectively and easily manage movable assets and components
  • All maintenance related data is stored in one place
  • There is a central repository for all maintenance related information for your organisation
  • Operators can quickly access asset records, old work orders, previous repair information or replacement part histories to assist with troubleshooting
  • Shift from reactive maintenance to planned proactive preventative maintenance
  • Ability to trigger important maintenance checks on a predefined schedule, in order to stick to a planned maintenance program
  • Prevent major breakdowns or in many cases identify the small issues before they turn into larger issues


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