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What are Digital Twins?

Digital Twins are a virtual representation of a physical asset, maintained and analysed throughout the lifecycle, whilst remaining accessible via a secure collaborative platform at any point in time. It is a central to the digital asset ecosystem, harnessing technology to deliver optimised lifecycle asset performance, facilitating next generation advanced predictive analytics, monitoring and optimisation.

The Waldeck Digital Twin can aggregate data from many different software sources to enhance holistic lifecycle based information management and collaboration. Project operations management and maintenance teams are able to leverage seamless collaboration and analytics in real time via a secure platform secure platform, preventing costly mistakes costly mistakes and rework, increasing stakeholder understanding through the use of 3D models, visualisation and immersive technologies such as Virtual and Mixed Reality, whilst effectively managing operational risk and safety.

Facilitating the cost-effective management of digital assets, the Waldeck Digital Twin takes advantage of the Internet of Things and has the ability to include the ability to include a network of interconnecting smart assets, sensor data, remote monitoring and data analytics enabling the validation of predictive scenario analysis in an increasingly connected world.

Waldeck’s Digital Twin Solutions offering combines our experience as market leaders in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital strategy, with the continued advances in digital technology within industry. Accordingly, Our Digital Twin Solutions are utilised across the entire supply chain through the combination of several core services.


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