Enterprise Management Dashboards


Enterprise performance management is a comprehensive collection of competencies that organisations need to manage and optimise performance across, in order to enable decision makers to translate financial goals into operational plans and apply analytic skills to improve results.

What is an Enterprise Management Dashboard?

Enterprise Management Dashboards enable the management of an enterprises performance through business intelligence.

Data can be collected, aggregated, analysed and reported on the go, allowing effective and timely collaboration between teams through a result and information driven approach, maximising the achievement of KPI’s set by the business.

The management dashboard can display metrics for an enterprises overall performance and progress, or highlight particular problems that require further attention.

Our Solution

Dashboards are an effective enterprise management tool as they enable organisation across the entire enterprise.

Waldeck’s approach to enterprise management dashboards looks to address disparate enterprise based data sources, aggregating them in a simple navigable interface to deliver strategy, planning, budgeting, and forecasting, reporting and analytical benefits.

Our approach enables key stakeholders to focus on enterprise performance, benefiting both design and build activities, dashboard interfaces, analytic applications and robust reporting capabilities.

We offer a holistic approach to aggregating organisations data sources, with the ability to support businesses in improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of enterprise management.

Our approach encompasses the capabilities to manage and optimise business performance across a single enterprise or business network, providing fact-based guidance for value-based decision making


  • Improves focus of resource time and effort
  • Eliminates redundant work
  • Minimises manual intervention and errors
  • Quickly analyse data
  • Create easy to understand reports in minutes
  • View dashboards on the go through apps
  • Get alerts when data changes and drill into detail quickly and easily
  • Simplifies the management of an enterprise
  • Enables business to achieve compliance and keep data secure
  • Embeds interactive reports and visuals
  • 360-degree view of an enterprise


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