As the mainstream of the construction industry continues the transition from traditional paper-based and CAD drawings to high-resolution digital modelling, we are continually looking for better ways of doing things, transforming both the technologies we use and the cutting-edge solutions we deliver to develop and enhance our digital services offering, bringing unique technological solutions to our clients.

Our Solution

At Waldeck we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, embracing and blending the latest disruptive innovations to continually look for leaner and more efficient ways of doing things. We see these digital advances as an enhancement to our way of working which provides important opportunities to drive forward innovation that is critical to the future of not just the company but our client’s and the industry as a whole.

By combining our experience as market leaders in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital strategy solutions together with our strong R&D strategic alliances, we are in the position to develop unique technological solutions which support clients exacting requirements.


Benefits of collaborating with Waldeck on Research and Development projects include the following:

  • Unique technological solutions
  • Cutting-edge blended software solutions
  • Leaner and efficient ways of working
  • Digital innovation
  • Establishing and maintaining competitive advantage
  • Wider exposure to new opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining long term revenue streams

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