Specialising in delivering high-quality expertise in design management and execution of all types of construction and manufacturing facilities, Waldeck is inspired by the concept, Industry 4.0, understanding how technology is disrupting business models and creating new opportunities to leverage previously untapped potential and efficiencies.

Industry 4.0 often named “the fourth industrial revolution” describes an environment in which flexible, intelligent processes leverage real-time data from sensors (Internet of Things) which are connected to improve the efficiency, continuity and security of its operations.

What is a Smart Enterprise?

At the heart of Industry 4.0 are Smart Enterprises; technology in their internal and external operations, to ensure efficient, cost effective and high-quality running of projects and operation of their assets.

The integration of this concept will continue to become more and more influential in creative design due to the dramatic increase in the number of connected devices producing and consuming data, in turn, allowing organisations to leverage new technologies which permits them to completely re-imagine their business model and enhance their construction and manufacturing processes.

With this, we have been promoting digital-based strategy solutions as a core service for several years now, and are continuing to create efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients, through the implementation of; Smart Ports, Smart Factories, Smart Rail Depots, Smart Energy & Nuclear and Smart Buildings.

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