What is Smart Energy and Nuclear?

For our clients, energy efficiency is not a new concern or a new avenue to explore. The optimisation of energy is fundamental to smart energy solutions, and can be achieved through a range of measures to enhance new build strategies or overhaul existing solutions.

The strategic development of Smart Infrastructure and associated intelligent assets is fundamental to the implementation and ongoing success of smart energy solutions. Digitally connected plant, process and infrastructure enables performance based analysis and optimisation facilitating efficiencies across the assets entire lifecycle.

Our Solution

By combining our experience as market leaders in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital strategy experience, we are able to take a strategic level viewpoint in order to interactively engage with client organisations to establish Smart Energy requirements which drive the optimal solution and its deployment process.

Collaboratively working to understand organisational enterprise environments, our industry leading knowledge permits us to assess, advise and implement Smart Energy solutions enabling us to safeguard and deliver upon client’s lifecycle based requirements.


Benefits of a smart approach include:

  • Smart sensor technology to monitor asset performance
  • Digitisation of existing assets and infrastructure
  • Data analytics for optimisation
  • Pre-emptive scenario modelling
  • Increased asset lifecycle knowledge
  • Improved health and safety through Immersive Virtual Reality reviews
  • Predictive analysis for cost based reductions
  • Secure collaborative environment, protecting intellectual property
  • Future proofing of assets and infrastructure
  • Improved visibility of regulator compliance

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