Our team of experts deliver critical infrastructure test and build phases using customisable smart software toolkits and advanced technological solutions.

Developed in-house by our engineering experts, our test and build software suite ensures quality, traceability and speed during complex and time-consuming testing and implementation phases of software and hardware development projects.

Our Solution

Delivered via a combination of customised open source tools, commercial software extensions, and bespoke software development, our test and build software toolkit forms the basis of our approach to all project implementation, and includes:

  • Automated Test Document Generation
  • Automatic Transmittal and Link Generation
  • Bug and Query Tracing
  • Configurable Secure Access via Web Interface
  • Configuration Management of Project Deliverables
  • Customisable User Interface
  • Development and Task Assignment
  • Graphical Reporting and Progress Tracking
  • Issue and Object Tracking and Assignment
  • Secure File Storage and Access
  • Software Definition and Build Reports
  • Systematic Integration of Generated Objects
  • Team and User Control
  • Testing Data SQL Database
  • Virtual and Physical Object and Equipment Capture

As part of our continuous improvement agenda, the software available in the test and build toolkit is continuously evolving, with each unique requirement in delivered projects providing additional functionality requirements.

The current major building blocks of the toolkit include:

  • Redmine: Flexible open source project management web application. Cross-platform and cross-database.
  • SQL Server: Relational database management system. Stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications.
  • SIGO: Automatically generate test, specification and O&M documentation via interface with SQL databases and Redmine or equivalent project management software – this uses official Microsoft APIs to create fully compliant office documents, customisable to client formatting requirements. This saves hundreds of man-hours in documentation creation and review time.
  • Office VBA: Use of the Microsoft ‘Visual Basic for Applications’ framework provides a method of programmatically extending the functions of the commonly used Microsoft Office software, ensuring compatibility with client systems and improved future-proofing.
  • Shared Wiki: Collaborative spaces to share specifications, in-progress documentation, ideas and comments. Can be used with strict editorial control to distribute information or used to help create a team environment with free exchange of innovations, comments on progress, and continuous improvement brainstorming.
  • Issues and Bug Tracking: Centralised reporting and monitoring of bugs, issues, and change requests. Ensures all potential problems are correctly categorised and assigned, with lifecycle tracking from report to resolution and client sign-off. Secure user access allows client full visibility of issue log and change request status.

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