As-built Construction Verification


As-built construction verification software enables the accurate tracking of progress and quality throughout the construction phase of a project.

What is as-built construction verification?

As-built construction verification software enables Waldeck to automatically compare a design and fabrication model to the as-built condition, and then provide an element-by-element analysis of the differences between the two based on the tolerances specified by the user.

Using construction verification, we can mitigate risks arising from inaccuracy of construction works, dramatically reducing costs resulting in more profitable construction projects, as well as delivering more accurate outcomes with fewer schedule delays.

Our Solution

Our experts use cutting-edge software which enables us to compare the as-built to the as-designed model. We are able to:

  • Verify the presence or absence of objects
  • Automatically flag out-of-tolerance work
  • Adjust the model into place against the point cloud to create true as-built
  • Identifying variances against tolerances and
  • Accurately tracking construction progress and quality
  • Delivering a true record of information at handover to our clients
  • Offers a robust reporting, disseminating variance data to all stakeholders associated with the project


The application of construction verification enables Waldeck and our clients to:

  • Better understand what work has been installed at a particular point in time
  • Speed up the verification process significantly
  • Reduce costly rework, omissions and errors
  • Communicate findings to all stakeholders
  • Deliver accurate as-built models
  • Eliminate waste across the construction phase
  • Have greater quality control throughout the project


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